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I have a blog here! See? Nobody cares.

And why should anyone – there’s nothing in it yet, and it’s not like my old website had been well maintained and eagerly observed by followers. Anyway, after years of brooding about a new design and new structure, I finally brought my new site online, now based on WordPress.

This new version was preceded by several unfinished attempts, using different technologies and designs. My search for the right technology led me through a number of different content management systems, some of which I abandoned right away and some which I invested more time and (occasionally also a book) in before changing my mind. For a long time, TYPO3 was the prime candidate, as I liked its concept of separating the theme design files from the technical implementation, though I found TypoScript overly convoluted for my goals. The difficulties in trying to tightly integrate a blog were a first indication that perhaps I should continue looking for another system, but the turning point came when, due to having to manually re-style every single extension I wanted to use, I finally realised that as a non-designer, I did not want to be solely responsible for the entire design of a simple personal website.

Continuing my search for a fitting CMS, I ended up learning Drupal. Here I liked the focus on flexible, entity based content management combined with specific blog support. But the more I played with it, the more I saw that I still was spending way too much thought and energy on the technical structure of an ultimately rather primitive page. So I decided to abandon Drupal as well. (My time spent with Drupal was not in vain though, as I did use it for the reimplementation of the Amerlingchor website – see the Other Projects section)

Ultimately I ended up with WordPress, when I finally understood that I really did not want much more than the basic concept of a WordPress site: One single blog with a number of static pages, with a decent, unobtrusive design out of the box which I could tweak to my own taste.

So here is my new website. Static content has been ported over from my old page and slightly groomed. Time will tell what I’ll put in the blog, but I imagine it’ll provide a good place to put down some of my findings in my life as both a professional and a hobby programmer. If anyone will then actually read it… I guess I’ll find out.

Just for comparison, here are a few screenshots from my previous website, conceived in 2005. Please excuse the design – at the time, it seemed serviceable.

For the time being, the old website may still be found here.

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