New Grep Console release: 3.4

After the previous Grep Console releases, I’ve received a lot of comments and suggestions. Version 3.4 incorporates these new features and is now ready for download.


  • Quick expressions – Expression items may now have a quick expression which is tested before the main expression is evaluated.
  • Base paths for file links – A base path for relative file links can now be specified. By default, the project’s root directory is used. Suggested by Angel Ezquerra.
  • http:// prefix for URL links – URLs without a schema prefix can now be used in URL links. They will automatically be prefixed with “http://”. Suggested by Angel Ezquerra.
  • Offsets for file and Java links – For file and Java links, an optional character offset can be specified to position the cursor at a specific column in the editor. Suggested by Peter Štibraný.
  • Eclipse variables in link pattern fields – Pattern strings in link configurations can reference use Eclipse variables (as used in the arguments tab of the launch configuration dialogue). Suggested by Angel Ezquerra.
  • Custom names for expression groups – Groups of expression items can now be assigned custom names. These names can be used in link pattern strings. Suggested by Angel Ezquerra.
  • Configurable colours in the Grep View – By default, the Grep View now uses the same colours as the Eclipse console. These colours can be changed in the preferences. Suggested by Angel Ezquerra.
  • Configurable link modifier key – On Mac systems, the link modifier key is now Command instead of Ctrl. The modifier key can be changed in the preferences. Suggested by Peter Štibraný.

Bug fixes:

  • Null pointer exception when clicking on style assignment for a rewrite group

Special thanks go to everyone who has been sending me feedback and ideas, especially Angel Ezquerra, who has provided the ideas for many of the new features added to recent releases.

For installation instructions, please see here. As always, feedback is welcome.

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