Legacy Projects

This page lists projects that are either unfinished an unpublished or

Gravity/Gravity 2000

Back on the Amiga, I created a simply, mouse controlled reflex game. You used the mouse to move a puck across the screen while for smaller pucks were moving about and were affected by your puck’s gravity. A round would last as long as you could evade the four small pucks, while your gravitational pull gradually changed over time. The small pucks would bounce at the screen borders, making it rather difficult to keep them under control. In all its simplicity, the game was quite fund to master and brought me some positive feedback from gamers. A favourable review used to be up on a French website, but the site has long since been taken down.

After finishing Max Fighter, I started to implement a PC version called Gravity 2000. Built on the base code written for Max Fighter, this version was nearly finished when I abandoned it to start working on my thesis. Screenshots are from the PC version.

Haus des Meeres

For the official website of Vienna’s Haus des Meers, I handled the transition to a bilingual system (updating the templates and websites and incorporating the official translations). Also, I created an easy-to-use news system based on PHP and MySQL which provided an easy way for the staff to add bilingual articles (with pictures) to the website’s news section. The website has since been replaced by an entirely new one.


Open Science Workplace was an open source, web-based project management application developed at the Technical University of Vienna, led by Alexander Schatten. OSWP is written in Java using EJBs, Struts and OJB. I wrote several of the OSWP core modules.

Amiga Projects

Before getting my first PC in 1997, I created several projects on my old Amiga 1200 computer. These projects were commited to Aminet and hosted on my very first, now long expired, homepage – and can now be found here.


An audio CD player application supporting synchronised subtitles, commodity functions and an ARexx port. Features a multilingual, compact user interface. This was originally a shareware version, so some advanced features are disabled in the free download.


A demon to add a customisable autostart feature to your system. Whenever a disk is inserted or removed, the demon will look for an autostart script for that specific volume and run it. Written in the days before CD writers became affordable, so the tool does not support looking for these scripts directly on the inserted volume.


Used by Autostart (and included in the Autostart download). Removes all assigns from a specific volume, regardless of whether that volume is currently inserted. Truth be told, I cannot remember what “assigns” are, so I cannot give more information at this point…

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