Popup Notifications

This is a helper plug-in for Eclipse. It doesn’t offer any active end user features on its own. Instead, it provides an API to display popup notifications that automatically disappear after a short moment.

Notifications can be styled by setting the foreground and background colours and title and message fonts. Each notification may have an icon and a callback which is called if the user clicks on the popup.

A preference page allows users to change the default notfication style. Applications may override these styles.

This plug-in is a byproduct of Grep Console and Clippets. I haven’t written any separate documentation, but the source code contains Javadoc comments. The plug-in may be used in other projects under the terms of the Eclipse Public Licence.

Version 1.0 of Popup Notifications was released on 2014-07-03.


Popup Notifications requires Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) or higher and Java 6.0 or higher.

To install Popup Notifications from the Update Site, select Help/Software Updates/Available Software from your Eclipse menu and click Add Site to add the following URL:


You can now open the site in the list of available software, check Popup Notifications and click Install to begin the installation process.


The procedure described above is the recommended way of installing Popup Notifications. Alternatively, you can download the latest version right here:

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