Max Fighter

You have a bad feeling about this: For only one brief moment you let your attention slip, and suddenly, you find your spaceship heading right into a vast asteroid field. Though it does not seem very dense at the outskirts, your board computer readouts make you doubt you will ever see the other side of it – and did your radar just pick up traces of pirate activity!?

Max Fighter is the first “serious” video game I finished and published. It is a throwback to the classic open ended, vertically scrolling shoot’em’up, with a focus on skill and exciting, fast paced gameplay. I was lucky to have several friends collaborate on the project, with Paul Guerrero providing fantastic visual designs and models, Max Rieger designing retro styled yet modern menus, and Christian Afonso composing an exciting music score.

More details and downloads for Windows and Linux can be found at the official Max Fighter website. The game as a whole is released under a Creative Commons license, and the GPL licensed source code can be downloaded separately.

Max Fighter has fan pages at Facebook and Google+.

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