Grep Console requires Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) or higher and Java 6.0 or higher.

To install Grep Console from the Update Site, select Help/Software Updates/Available Software from your Eclipse menu and click Add Site to add the following URL:

You can now open the site in the list of available software, check Grep Console and click Install to begin the installation process.


The procedure described above is the recommended way of installing Grep Console. Alternatively, you can download the latest version right here:

If you manually install Grep Console from these links, you also have to install the Popup Notifications plug-in. Grep Console will not work without it.

Grep Console 2

The previous version 2.0.4 of Grep Console is still available. It requires Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) or higher and Java 5.0 or higher. The update site link is:

Alternatively, you can download the old version here:

12 Responses to Installation

  1. Radu says:

    I like the version 2.0.4 more because it integrates in the same view only, and there is no other not really working view…

    in 3.3.. there is a problem : you can’t clear the view, you cant see the syso/syse… only the grep values.. ok but there must be at leas clear and the autoscrooling enable/disable button!

    • I don’t quite understand your comments. 3.x does everything 2.x does (and more). If you don’t like the Grep View, you don’t have to use it – Grep Console will still highlight the output in your regular Eclipse console just like 2.x did. Grep View will display those lines from stdout and stderr which you specifically filter to it. It has a scroll lock button in the tool bar (same icon as in the standard console).

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  3. Thomas says:

    Hi Marian,
    Is it possible to clear the ‘Grep view’ view ? I tried to clear the source console which the Grep view is linked to, and then clear/reopen Grep view, but it does not work.

    Many Thanks.

  4. Juan Ferreyra says:

    Great plugin, thanks!
    We are using version 2.0.4 integrated in our Eclipse RCP application than uses Eclipse 3.4 platform.
    Our problem is that every new user has to configure all regexes.
    Is there a way to deploy the plugin with a default configuration file like the 3.6.1 version?

  5. Andrew McGregor says:

    When I installed GroupConsole in Eclipse 4.4 via it installed version 2.04.

    I uninstalled and tried again to get PopupNotifications and it worked. Maybe it was a mirror problem?

  6. Robert Hedwig says:

    This is an error from when I try to install Grep Console 3.7.0 on Eclipse 3.7.1:

    An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
    session context was:(profile=CantataProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
    Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,name.schedenig.eclipse.grepconsole,3.7.0.
    Error reading signed content:C:\Temp\signatureFile3585228368296837238.jar
    An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: C:\Temp\signatureFile3585228368296837238.jar
    Problems downloading artifact: org.eclipse.update.feature,name.schedenig.eclipse.grepconsole,3.7.0.
    Error reading signed content:C:\Temp\signatureFile9223343870575992485.jar
    An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: C:\Temp\signatureFile9223343870575992485.jar
    Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,name.schedenig.eclipse.popupnotifications,1.0.0.
    Error reading signed content:C:\Temp\signatureFile1478054866479483689.jar
    An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: C:\Temp\signatureFile1478054866479483689.jar

    Version 3.6.1 is the same, but 3.6.0 installed successfully, only displaying warning that content is unsigned. What to do to install 3.7.0?

  7. Pash says:

    Your plugin is useful thing but
    when I trying to view 600+M of old logs, java is out of heap. Is it possible to view such huge logs with highlighting and filtering via grepconsole?

  8. Stefan says:

    An update-site for your components would be nice.

  9. Taras says:

    I would like to install old version of Grep. Please instruct how to use jar to install plugin (say where to put the jar, how to import it etc)

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