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SWT GTK Bug Affecting Grep Console

If you are using Grep Console with Eclipse Mars on a Linux system, you might have faced a strange issue: In certain versions of GTK, the Manage Expressions dialogue is empty – or rather, it shows the tree node expansion … Continue reading

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New Releases

Over the past weeks I’ve made several bug fixes to Grep Console and Tail Console. In the case of Clippets, I’ve added new few features. Grep Console’s popup notification implementation is now also used by Clippets and therefore has been … Continue reading

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Remote control your Android phone through adb

I wrecked my phone the other day: Doesn’t look so bad, but in fact the touch screen is completely dead. So not only do I now have to decide whether to get a new phone or try to replace the … Continue reading

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Eclipse, CMake and C++11

Getting C++11 to work with CMake is easy. Getting Eclipse to work with a CMake project is easy. Getting Eclipse to work with C++11 also seems to be relatively easy (there are plenty of guides on various wikis). But getting … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.x tab font sizes in GTK

The Eclipse 4 branch introduced some notable visual changes compared to the previous 3.x releases, like a reliance on more whites than greys. While unexpected at first, most of these changes just take some getting used to. With the exception … Continue reading

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My first Android app: n Tile Puzzle

So I released my first Android app. Nothing special, just a version of the same type of sliding puzzle that’s already all over the Google Play™ store. It started out as a little project I had no intention of actually … Continue reading

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Fixing pulseaudio issues on Ubuntu 12.10

After a long hassle with varying sound libraries over the years, I’ve been relatively happy with how pulseaudio turned out for a while now. It still has its quirks, but it’s been mostly working fine for the last few versions … Continue reading

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Setting up a gitolite server in Ubuntu

In the middle of last night, I decided to finally get my local git repository back on my server before going to bed. I was too lazy to read any detailed documentation, so I just googled a few howtos. None … Continue reading

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Installing Android 4 ICS on the Google Nexus One

Disclaimer: This is a guide for rooting and flashing the Google Nexus One smartphone. The described procedure worked for me, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. If it doesn’t, it may brick your phone. Proceed … Continue reading

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Default Window Sizes in JFace

The problem with pixels Default window sizes are a tricky issue. For a long time, developers liked to assume that all people had similar resolutions and screen sizes and simply hardcoded fixed pixel dimensions for all their dialogs. Some of … Continue reading

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