Grep Console 3.7, Clippets 2.0 and Quick Bookmarks 1.3.1

New updates for Grep Console, Clippets and Quick Bookmarks are ready, somewhat delayed due to work and some technical problems with my update site (there might be a tutorial blog post on Tycho coming soon). Thanks for all suggestions and bug reports, and sorry if it took a bit longer than expected this time. As always, feedback is welcome.

Grep Console 3.7

This release provides new features and fixes several bugs.


  • Line length margins in preview – The console preview in the expression management and editing dialogues now show the currently configured style and filter match line length limits as coloured vertical lines. A warning is shown when one or more lines in the preview console exceeds one of these limits. Thanks to @nfonrose for suggesting this feature.
  • Output to Eclipse’s error log – Matched lines can now be written to Eclipse’s error log using one of the standard error levels. Thanks to Michael Schaefer for suggesting this feature.
  • Support for message consoles – Previously, only process consoles were directly supported. Message consoles are Eclipse’s more generic type of consoles.

Bug fixes:

  • Dynamic handling of newline delimiters – Grep Console can now handle mixed newline delimiters (e.g. Windows and UNIX style newlines) within the same console. Previously this caused problems with filtering and highlighting. Specifically, this should now make Grep Console work correctly with PyDev on Windows systems. Thanks to Luke Hughes for reporting this bug.
  • Eclipse’s own console stylings off by one character – Previously, Grep Console broke the styles applied by Eclipse itself to certain console lines by shifting the style ranges e.g. of underlined exception locations by one character. Thanks to Sam Hasler for reporting this bug.
  • Repeated popup notifications – When changing Grep Console’s settings, popup notifications that had already been shown would be repeated.

For installation instructions, please see here.

Clippets 2.0

This release provides new features and fixes several bugs.


  • Reordering Clippets – Clippet collections can be configured to automatically move a clippet to the top of the collection whenever it is recalled.
  • Tags – Curly brace tags can be used in clippets to include custom content whenever the clippet is recalled. When recalling a clippet containing such tags, the user will be prompted with a dialogue for entering the content for the tags. Certain predefined live tags can be replaced automatically without user intervention, e.g. by the name or path of the current file.

Bug fixes:

  • Java 6 Support – Though the source code has always been Java 6 compliant, previous versions specified Java 7 as a plug-in requirement. Thanks to Robert Mark Bram for reporting this bug.
  • Reversed clippets order when restoring settings – When reloading clippets (e.g. after restarting Eclipse), the order of clippets within collections would be reversed.
  • Newlines get lost in settings – Clippets always supported content with newlines, but previous versions would break the newlines when restoring the settings.

For installation instructions, please see here.

Quick Bookmarks 1.3.1

This is a service release fixing the the following bug:

  • Quickmark command crashes on Juno – Pressing Alt+Home caused an endless recursion in Eclipse Juno. Thanks to Roman Geraschenko for reporting this bug.

For installation instructions, please see here.

A word on German translations

In the past I’ve provided German translations for all my plug-ins. However, I doubt that many people, even among my German users, actually install them – I know I don’t, as I like to keep my development tools set to English, finding German translations in general (and therefore, by necessity, my own as well) clumsy and a waste of screen estate (German terms often being significantly longer than their English counterparts).

Therefore, and as creating and updating the translations is quite a bit of effort, I have decided to stop maintaining them. Starting with these releases, you will no longer find German translation packages on my update site.

The plug-ins themselves remain internationalised of course. That is, all display strings are kept in properties files which can be changed or replaced with different languages. For example, if you embed these plug-ins in your own internationalised products, you are of course free to provide your own translations along with them as well.

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  1. It’s nice to see Clippets becoming more like templates now. :)


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