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  1. Thomas Widmaier says:

    Hello Marian,

    I can´t update to the latest Grep Console using update site
    with Juno, says:
    “Could not find
    Any idea what I´m doing wrong ?

    Thanks from Munich, Thomas

    • It could be either an issue with your internet connection or your Eclipse setup. Can you try accessing the URL in your browser? If the info page shows up, you can access the site in general. In that case, I’d check your Eclipse settings. Are you using a proxy? On my work setup, I have to setup the proxy separately in my browser (Firefox) and Eclipse (through Windows’ standard internet settings – basically the Internet Explorer configuration, but shared with other services).

    • PETRALIA Nicolas says:


      Same error than Thomas Widmaier
      I can´t install GREP Console with Juno, error:
      “Could not find”

      • PETRALIA Nicolas says:

        The exact error in my case is:

        No repository found at

        Mon Jul 08 15:20:23 CEST 2013
        No repository found at

        • This is an odd one. I’ve reproduced the problem at work (with Eclipse Indigo on Windows) and at home (Eclipse Juno on Linux). The update site hasn’t changed since my last release, which I still could install immediately afterwards without problems. Moving the repository to a different server doesn’t help. Copying it to my local disk and accessing it through a file:// URL works, so the files seem to be alright.

          Also, it still works in my local Eclipse Kepler.

          Google was of no help, only offering various hints about proxy settings – I’m not using a proxy at home. So I’ve opened a question on Stack Overflow:

          In the meantime, you can try to install Grep Console manually by downloading it from the links on the “Installation” page. Of course, feel free to contact me if you come across any hints that might help me fix this. Thanks.

        • Peter Hancox says:

          I’ll add a “me too” to the eclipse update site issue.

          Has been working fine up until now and as far as I know, there have been no out of the ordinary local changes that would affect it.

          Also Juno with all latest updates applied on Java build 1.7.0_15-b03 running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

          • Peter Hancox says:

            After more than a week of unsuccessful attempts to update from the update site, I gave up, downloaded the jar file and dropped it in the plugins directory.

            That was yesterday. This morning when I ran “Check for updates”, it no longer reported the Grep Console update site is invalid. I then tried to install Grep Console from the update site and it worked correctly.

            Don’t know if this was in some way connected to successfully doing a manual install, or because something else along the way just happened to be fixed at approximately the same time?

          • Thanks for the update. Great news. I can confirm that it’s now working again for me as well – without me doing any manual changes to the plugins directory. Obviously there’s some mysterious external influence that caused this. I still have a vague hope that someone may be able to explain *what* happened on my Stack Overflow thread.

            Anyway, things seem to be back to normal, for now and hopefully for a longer while.

    • Thomas Widmaier says:

      Installed the jar into dropins, removed the old 2.04, works very good. excellent improvements to the also superb previous version. Grouping, and inheritance is useful.
      Only the import of styles took a while to clean out (New style generated for every color even it is identical)

      • PETRALIA Nicolas says:

        Hi, i do it the same, put the jar file under dropins folder and restart eclipse, it works correctly.

  2. Reinhard Katzmann says:

    While the Update Site and the download file itself seem to work I get an Eclipse error that the archive is invalid for both the downloaded version or the version installed via the Update site.
    It seems to me the file is not completely downloaded.
    Any ideas what’s going wrong here ? I use Firefox 23 / Eclipse Keppler.
    I’ll have to try from home too as I don’t know if it’s an internal problem (I have no problems though downloading + installing other plugins like papyrus).

  3. Thomas Widmaier says:

    Using grep console 3.6.0 with Kepler,
    I cannot make grep console to keep the “styles in console” (X in box) checkbox setting over restart of Eclipse. Whenever I restart Eclipse, all checkboxes are checked. The other checkboxes for Grep View, Statistics and Notifications work ok.

  4. Christian says:

    Hello Marian,

    first I want to thank you for your marvellous work. Sadly, after updating 3.5 to 3.6 via eclipse, I can’t find any of your plugins. The (?) in my console view is gone and there is no sign of it.

    Best regards
    PS: I’m using eclipse juno on debian system and following java:
    java version “1.7.0_55”
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_55-b13)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.55-b03, mixed mode)

  5. seventh says:

    It seems this expression not work properly:
    test sentences:

    if I set {1} highlight
    it only highlight
    and left the right parenthesis alone!

  6. seventh says:

    when set action `File’,
    it seems that the base directory does not support environment virables.

    thanks for your great work, this plugin is really the one I need.
    hope it will be better and better.

  7. Andreas says:

    Hi Marian,

    first of all I like to thank you. You developed a wonderful plugin, which I like very much and use a lot in my daily work. I often use two console views and I recognized that grep console works for the first which is currently opened in eclipse but not for the second one I created. May be I’m wrong but I think this worked in prior versions or in Kepler, currently I’m using Luna. Am I right? Can I configure this somewhere?

  8. Sam Hasler says:

    When styling stack traces it seems remove the link styling from the first character of the filename.

    With the expression:
    at (sun|javax?)\.

    that has Group 1 styled as red text. The console line:

    does not have the “T” of “Thread” styled in blue and underlined.

  9. gaminos says:

    Hello Marian,

    nice useful plugin!

    Seems I can’t reach specific line on an XML file links?


  10. Florian Weitling says:

    Hi Marian,

    at least since Eclipse Mars the plugin doesn’t work anymore as expected.
    – The old configuration is lost. Loading the old one doesn’t show any effect.
    – The “Manage Expressions”-dialog shows four entries, all without text (it’s not clear if the text is white/white or non-existent).

    My system:
    Ubuntu 14.04, OpenJDK 7, x86_64, Eclipse CDT Mars, Gnome 3 Classic

    I can provide the old prefs file if you need.


  11. Dirk Ziegenbalg says:

    I’m using Eclipse Mars SR1 with Windows 7. It seems that the popup-notifications doesn’t work anymore. Do you know that? Or can you give me a hint how I get them running? Thanks!



  12. Mark says:

    Hi Marian.
    Are you willing to put this project up on github / Bitbucket / ..?
    This would give us the opportunity to contribute to the plugin.



  13. Aleksei Osin says:

    I see that {eclipse:variable} is not substituted for links if the console is created as a result of commands started with the “Make Target” view. Usually I have a list of targets to make per each project. I guess there is no support for the “Make Target” view right now in this plugin, so it is impossible to resolve the parent project and the related variables. Marian, could you please confirm this?

  14. Istvan Balogh says:

    The plugin is wonderful just what I’ve been searching for a good while. Albeit I have an issue with File links. They work fine if I provide hardcoded full paths but cannot resolve any Eclipse variable. Any help on the issue would be much appreciated.

    ps: The Eclipse version I use is Mars.2 Release (4.5.2). It is a CDT flavor.

    • Istvan Balogh says:

      I’ve just noticed the above comment of Aleksei. In my case I am using the built in console view of Eclipse yet the eclipse variables still cannot be resolved.

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