Other Projects

This is a list of other projects I have worked on for which I did not provide separate pages of their own. The projects are sorted chronologically, from newest to oldest.


In 2006, I created the website for the Amerlingchor, which I am a member of. The page’s structure was conceived by Paul Bohunsky and myself. The design was created by Max Rieger. I then put it all together using a PHP/MySQL approach, including an internal section for managing a newsletter, managing and contacting members, editing rehearsal dates plus a message board. In early 2012, I ported the old design and content to the Drupal CMS, allowing other members of the choir’s management team to update the content without detailed technical knowledge.

Österreichische Literatur im Exil

Österreichische Literatur im Exil seit 1933 is a collection of German online lectures and articles about literature by Austrian emigrants in the 20th century. Technically it is a collection of static web pages created from a Firebird database which is managed by a custom Java Swing interface. I wrote all the software used for this project based on earlier software and database structures by Alexander Schatten for the forerunner project Literatur in der Wiener Moderne. Both projects are hosted under the common title Literaturepochen.

Teach/Me and Coimbra

Teach/Me is a series of e-learning products for Windows. Coimbra is the multimedia document database on which Teach/Me is based, written in Borland Delphi. Both systems were developed by Hans Lohninger at the Technical University of Vienna. I programmed several of Teach/Me’s “Interactive Examples” as well as a couple of core features.

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