I am a software developer from Vienna, Austria. Since I first saw a computer at the age of 9, I was fascinated by it and right from the start developed an interest in not only playing but creating video games. I am a strong believer in and supporter of open source software and have been using Linux as my main system for ten years.

Since finishing my master’s degree at Vienna’s University of Technology, I have been working as a senior developer at a business oriented software company for my day job. Independently, however, I try to devote at least some of my remaining time to my passion of developing video games.

Aside from that I also have a keen interest in films, music and especially film music. I am a member of the Amerlingchor, both as a singer and as part of the organisation team. Most recently, I have added photography to my list of hobbies.

You can also find me on Twitter and Google+.