New Grep Console release: 3.3

Hot on the heels of last week’s 3.2.1 release, Grep Console 3.3 is out, providing new features and several bug fixes.


  • Original line styles may now be kept even if custom styles are applied to a line.
  • All dialogues now feature help links. Thanks to Angel Ezquerra for suggesting this feature.
  • Autostart links – Each expression can specify a link which is executed automatically when a matching line is written. Requires the Grep View to work.
  • Grep View line rewriting – Lines filtered to the Grep View can now be rewritten. Rewritten lines can include any parts of the original line and may have different styles and links than the original console output. Thanks to Didier Grzejszczak for suggesting this feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Grep View pattern matching – completely broken in the previous release. Thanks to Matthias Scholz for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed NullPointerException for matches with unused groups. Thanks to Christian Afonso for reporting this bug.
  • Settings are now saved correctly when the Grep Console dialogue is opened from the CDT build console. Thanks to Angel Ezquerra for reporting this bug.

For installation instructions, please see here. As always, feedback is welcome.

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