New Grep Console release: 3.5

Three months after the previous release, a new version of Grep Console is ready. Version 3.5 introduces notifications and GUI improvements.


  • Popup notifications – Expressions can now trigger popup notifications which display messages based on the matched console lines even when Eclipse is not currently the active window. An action which is triggered when the user clicks the popup can be configured.
  • Sound notifications – Expressions can now play sounds when they are matched. Suggested by Sergiy Beley.


  • Tabbed expression dialogue – The expression dialogue now features a tabbed interface to provide a better overview of the available settings.
  • GUI improvements – Various user interface details were changed to be consistent with the official Eclipse guidelines. Reported by Sebastian Davids.

Please note that this version also introduces a change in terminology: “Links” are now referred to as “actions” whenever a behaviour is described. The clickable links in the console output are still called links, to which various actions can be assigned.

As usual, thanks go to everyone who sent suggestions and bug reports to help continue improving Grep Console.

For installation instructions, please see here. As always, feedback is welcome.

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