New Eclipse Plug-in: Quick Bookmarks

For years I’ve been missing simple bookmarks in Eclipse – bookmarks that can be quickly toggled and navigated via the keyboard, like I remember them from Delphi all those years ago.

Now I decided to do something against it and wrote another simple plug-in: Quick Bookmarks.

It doesn’t do much – just provide a keyboard shortcut to add or remove a bookmark from the current editor line, and two shortcuts to jump to the previous or next bookmark relative to the current line. The bookmarks created by the plug-in are sub types of the standard Eclipse bookmarks, but you don’t have to enter a name every time you create a new bookmark.

Feedback, as always, is welcome.

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One Response to New Eclipse Plug-in: Quick Bookmarks

  1. LarsWH says:

    Really nice tool, but I am missing this: Is there any method to go to next/previous bookmark across files?

    E.g. if bookmark #1 is in file A, bookmark #2 in file B and bookmark #3 in file C, I would like a simple keyboard shortcut to toggle between the locations #1 -> #2 -> #3 (and #3 -> #2 ->#1), without having to bring up the bookmark list (Alt-End) or the bookmarks view.

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